Morbid Reality "Mental disharmonic" (Demo 2005) Undergore​-​Production 2016

by Morbid Reality

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Recorded in 2005 "Del Tigre Production" San Justo Buenos Aires Argentina
Produced by Undergore Production:

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Morbid Reality (Facebook):

All music by Morbid Reality (Except Disgrace to the corpse of side, Slam of buttocks and Brasso drinkers hell raiser by Sore Troath covers)
All Lyrics by Rodolfo (Except Chernovil is Death and Suicide)
Desing of logo Bernardo (Beño)

Morbid Reality is:
Rodolfo (Demonio) vocals
Nicolas bass
Silvio (Colmillo) drums
Andres (Punky) guitar


released May 21, 2014


Morbid Reality was formed from the ashes of Decadencia, another of the extreme bands of the West of Buenos Aires in November of 1989 and principles of 1990 with this original formation; Silvio "Colmillo" on drums, Bernardo "Beño" on guitar and Hugo "Chakal" on Bajo y Voz, soon joined Horacio "Andariego" on 2nd guitar to be the 1st guitar and the band recorded at the end of 1991 a Demo Rehearsal of four tracks reissued in 2016 by Undergore-Production under the name Putrefaction Purulent Cadaverous.
In that same year (1991-1992) Gabriel "El Garfio" was integrated in the bass and later replaced by David "Sarcastica" (having spent another two bassist in that period, among them Nestor de Carnarium and Cristian de Putrefaccion Punk band West) and leaves the band Horacio "Andariego" and is replaced by Andres "Punky" as a permanent member. One of the most stable formations: Silvio "Colmillo" drums, Bernardo "Beño" 1st guitar, Hugo "Chakal" en Voz, Andres "Punky" 2nd guitar and David "Sarcastica" bass, recording a seven-track Demo "The Science of Horror Occult "Reissued in 2016 by Undergore-Production with bonus track and tracks that differs from its original version. Having previously gone out a Promotional Demo with four themes: Into the treshold of death, Chernovil is death, Coagulated blood and Infernal cremation with Hugo "Chakal" in the bass.
At the end of 1993 with this formation they record a second Demo of three songs "Into the Treshold of Death" also reissued by Undergore-Production in 2016 in its original format Tape and Cd. The band continued with this formation until 1995 giving recitales in the West Of Greater Buenos Aires and Capital with bands like Mass Murder, Extermination, Scud, Extremauncion, Sartan, Abadhon, Sarcastica, Necrophagia, Teratoid and many cotras bands of the under.
The band continued with desertions and changes until 1996-1997, going through their ranks; Cristhian Adrian "Perita" Azpaeitia current Degradation Gore on guitar, Hammer on Bass, Gorgito "lolo" also on bass, Huguito "El Sapito" on Drum and the list goes on. The band takes a while and Silvio "Colmillo" joins devil Death for a short time with Rocky "Violator" and then embark on a new project; Condemn next to Rodolfo "Demonio" guitar and voice and Nestor "Borra" bass, and Bernardo "Beño" in guitar who for musical differences leaves the band soon after being integrated and who soon returns to his homeland Chile, recording a Demo Rehearsal of pure Grind Doom Noise also reedited by Undergore-Production 2016 making a few presentations and then separating. Also formed the band Velatorium next to Alejandro (Actual Nitro) guitar, Gaston "Ponja" voice and Anibal "Lecter" under making a single presentation and then dissolving.
After separations and no return attempts, Morbid Reality officially returns in 2000, with a new formation; Silvio "Colmillo" drums, Nicolas "Padre Santo" Bass, Andres "Punky" guitar and Hugo "Chakal" voice recording a demo of 16 tracks "Intestinal Mucus" in 2002, "Guttural Vomiting" 4 tracks in 2003 and "Born Of the Wicked "of seven songs in 2004.
In 2004 Hugo "Chakal" leaves the band and is replaced by Rodolfo "Demon" (Ex Condemn, Devil Death, Escarnio, Extremauncion, Belcebu, etc) and Morbid Reality records "Mental Disharmonic" of eleven tracks in 2005. Record the Demo the band suffers a new desertion; Nicolas "Padre Santo" moves away from the band, being replaced by Cristian "El Gringo" Borys.
The band followed with comings and goings of several members being the unique original of the band Silvio "Colmillo" without making any presentation or any recording of demos; Until in 2016 the band made another attempt to consolidate the band with a new lineup: Silvio "Colmillo" on drums, Hugo "Chakal" in voice, Jona Cobos on guitar and Emily Black on bass being the shortly replaced by Cristian "El Gringo" Borys recording a demo Rehearsal of 12 tracks "Bonum Iter Ad Inferos" (2016) edited by Undergore-Production in the same year and making a presentation announcing the return and suspending others for the guitarist's departure.
At the moment the band continues in search of a guitarist who wants to join the group and being this the current formation; Silvio "Colmillo" in drums, Hugo "Chakal" in voice, Cristian "El Gringo" Borys in Bajo.
Morbid Reality still continues and persists in its eagerness to continue doing Grindcore Death Noise ... !!!!!!!

Produced by Undergore Production
Especial thanks Javy for the playing bass Thank you so much
Edition cd format

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